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Getting To The Point –

Tips on Writing a Unique Resume

Anyone applying for a certain job needs to write a good resume. It is good to have a creative resume so as to stand out from the crowd of other applicants. Being that you have all that is required to get a certain job, this does not mean that you will get the job unless you have a unique resume. Due to high competition of job applications especially in the big brands, it is good to learn on how to write a creative resume. For your resume to be considered you need to make it fun and creative and avoid those boring methods of Microsoft word. If you do not an idea of writing a unique resume you can google and get some examples then choose the best. If you have creative friends ask them to assist you to come up with a good and unique resume. Below are some of the creative ideas you can use to make your resume unique.

One thing that you can do to improve the look of your resume is compressing it and the cover letter to one page as you will learn from this blog. Because of busy schedules and a lot of resumes to look at, most recruiters only want to spend few minutes on each resume. A lot of applicants will want to write long resumes so as to give all the information on their experience and personal information. All the pages can be as long as five or even more pages. It is wise to just pen down the important things and leave the unnecessary explanations. You can be considered by your recruiters because of giving them ample time in reading your resume.

It can be a creative resume if you try adding your professional photo on it. People in the old days used to pin a photo on their resumes but nowadays the idea has been ignored. If you have a photo in a resume the recruiters can judge you and if it is a good and presentable photo you can get a job. To portray a good picture please make sure you choose the best presentable picture to pin in your resume. It is not a must thing to do but if you have a good photo you can put it there and wait for positive response.

Use some colors that match the companys palette. Your resume can be very attractive because of the colors you put on it. Your resume can be very attractive or eye catching if you include some shouting colors so avoid the black and white colors. It is good to search for the colors of the brand and include them in the resume. This can get you favor from the recruiters and consider you for the job.

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