I Love Racking Up Positive Votes

I Love Racking Up Positive Votes

I love the desi boy here in united states! I love social media so of course I would love this site, but it’s actually better than any other site I’ve been on because it caters to people just like me. I’ve tried just about all the social media sites around, and most of them are awful. Some of the big ones are really problematic because they’ve started to censor everything. You simply can’t put up a nice yet risque photograph of yourself without it getting taken down. Oftentimes, you’ll get an account warning or even a temporary block. What’s fun about that?

I understand that social media companies need to have a few basic rules so that the site doesn’t fill up with threats and pornography, but they’ve taken the thought control to the next level and it’s just awful. I quit using those sites because I couldn’t put up with the nonsense anymore. But now with Desi I can interact with all sorts of people just like me and put up photographs of myself that get a lot of feedback from people. Moreover, I don’t have to worry about the site taking them down because they’ve got better things to do than act like idiots.

The best thing about the site is that you can rate the photographs and the people putting them up. Most other places would avoid that feature because someone might get their feelings hurt. I must admit you’ll get jabbed a few times if you put up something stupid, but it’s still fun just to see the reactions. I put up videos and photographs all the time and I’ve met some amazing people in my area. I’ve even met up with them in real life just to go out and chill. This is the best social media site around and I’ll keep using it far into the future.

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