I Finally Found Something That Worked For Me

I Finally Found Something That Worked For Me

I was tired of being alone for so long. I was once married before, but then he passed away after a very long battle with an illness. I was discussing my loneliness with a group of friends over coffee one day, and they told me I should check vashikaran yantra and learn how it attracts to your life what you are missing and hope for.

After my girlfriends explained to me what it is, I realized that it very much reminds me of innocent spells that some people cast to try to bring about positive changes in their life. And just like most of us have heard that you should never use spells for bad intention, using the yantra is no different. It should be used only for positive changes. I like that very much.

To get started, I chose a quiet Saturday to carry out all the steps. First, I went out to my garden room with all the glass windows and view of the mountains behind my home. I sat and meditated for awhile to clear my thoughts. I made sure to close the door and lock it so that my pets could not disturb me. I then had to sit down and face the east. I made a small altar, and lit some incense on it. I placed a small offering of fruit on the altar, next to the incense. Next to those two things, I laid out a photo of the yantra deity. I then prayed for good intentions and my wish to bring someone special into my life. After it was over, I felt hopeful and happy. What would be next was to wait and see over time if my wish would be granted.

Two weeks later, I met the man of my dreams. While this may be hard to believe, I had been alone for 5 years prior to meeting this man. I had not had one date at all during that time! We have been together for 6 months now, and are planning to marry.

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