Tips To Wonderful Foreplay During Sex

Tips To Wonderful Foreplay During Sex

Women are very sensitive and they prefer to be caressed and touched rather than to be used as a sexual diva. Now, of course, women do love to make love, but they are not always in the mood or interested. Men don’t realize the importance of sexual foreplay before sex, and they don’t spend enough time and effort on it. Men usually want to have sex and get it done with, but women want to take it slow as they’re quite emotional and take things to heart. Lovemaking should be meaningful rather than a quick way to reach sexual intensity. We will be talking about some of the important tips you can use during foreplay.

Instead of focusing on what’s going to happen after foreplay, try to focus on what is actually happening. Women love foreplay and take it very deep, so make sure you spend enough time on it. So, what exactly is foreplay and how do I go about it? Foreplay is the caressing and kissing that comes before you both get completely down to the sexual intercourse.

To start, when you are both dressed, begin with some light kissing and caressing around the neck and hair. Run your hands up her legs and around your abdomen and lower back. By repeating this last step about two or three times, she will get the signal to start removing her clothing. Similarly, as she removes her clothing you need to keep in mind that she wants the same from you. Help her take her clothes off and she will do the same for you. Give your women small pecks of kisses on her face and body, including her breasts. A woman’s breasts are very sensitive, and they hold a lot of sexual tension. Caress her breasts and begin kissing them.

If she responds positively, give her nipples some sucking and you will defiantly notice some positive reactions from her. Now, foreplay is not only about you giving her what she wants, as she would be tempting to do the same to you. Let your woman dive into your body to give you what she wants. Next, massaging is a great foreplay technique that could get very sexual. Let your woman lie down with her face facing down, and begin with some light caressing, kissing and rubbing. With time, make her flip over and do the same but be very sexual with her gentle areas.

By now, she would be in the mood to proceed to the next step in the game, which is sex. During sex, make sure you are still caressing and kissing her all in the right places. By doing so, you are letting her know that you are just not in it for the sex, but to give her the sexual pleasure she craves. Foreplay could be mixed in with sexual scene replications, sex games and some dirty talk as well. Sex is all about experimenting and seeing what works for you.

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