Sex Under Stress

Sex Under Stress

The relationship between sex and tension is unmistakable — on one hand, sex successfully handle the tension, stress and headaches, on other hand, sex is fueled by the tension that makes the sexual experience much more turbulent, exciting and sensual.

The strong stress acts like passion killer for some people. It’s proven that the increased levels of cortisol, the hormone produced when you are under stress, lead to a decreased production of testosterone, and vise versa. This is pretty logical explanation that when there is presence of psychological stress the last thing you think about is sex.

Actually, the good and pleasant sex can save you from the daily stress!

Other people are turned on most notably when they are under stress. The thought, that at any moment you can be busted in hot sex position, makes the sexual arousal to escalate repeatedly and the orgasm to be truly groundbreaking. For such people the regular sex in the same position at the usual place – locked up in the bedroom at home, without an ounce of stress from the fact that someone might see you is something really awful that can kill the passion and joy of sex immediately.

Therefore, sex in the elevator, in the park, in the car, at work or at home, while in the next room you have guests, for example, is recommended for couples who want to bring back the passion in their relationship. It’s great to be wild sometimes, and when it’s up to sex, then you have to be as wild and innovative as possible.

The sexual diversity and the artificially created stress as a mean to ignite the spark in a relationship are at the core and the so-called BDSM sex. Tied up hands, the use of tapes for eyes, sex toys and a complete lack of a clear idea of what is awaiting you in every moment, even if you trust in your partner, give birth to a cute sexual tension and amazing sexual arousal.
To have sex when you are under stress is really pleasant for many people and doing kinky things is just part of the game. The standard sex can lead to boredom and lack of passion. So, try sometimes sex under stress and you’ll explore another amazing part of the life.

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