First Date Ideas For Married Couples

First Date Ideas For Married Couples


Here we are going to discuss some first date ideas for married couples. Surprised? Married couples have had many dates together, then why are we discussing first date ideas? Simple answer, because after marriage, most of the husbands and wives forget how to date each other, and how to have fun as they did on their first date. Therefore, it is kind of revisiting the old days, to reinvent your married life, and put the spark back into it.

First Date Ideas to Rekindle the Magic

Do not try out routine first date ideas with your wife like: taking her to an opera, visiting antique shops, or going to your kid’s ball game together. Do something different. Take her to a vineyard and spend the afternoon tasting their wines. This is simple, fun, rural and relaxing as well.

Sing karaoke with her, on top of your voice. You may not be a great singer and she knows that, but matching tones with an old Beatles song will bring out the youth in you, and both of you will let loose yourselves. You can try another first date ideas, like, going to bike riding or a picnic like small kids. You can also take her to a live music concert or a nearby local ball game and cheer your favorite bunch of kids. You may also like to play some games together, games both of you love to play or at least watch. You may go for billiards, golf-putting, tennis or swimming.

The most exciting first date idea for her would be to recreate your first date together. Pick her or meet her the same way you met at that time, take her to the same place, and if you could remember, eat the same meal too. This could be fun as well as very romantic and she will really love it.

Another first date ideas with your wife could be going to a remote place for the weekend, camping in a forest, hitting the road, just like that, and deciding the destination afterwards. Just let your imagination run, you will find many exciting getaways with your wife.

Just remember, getting married does not mean you have lost your right to date. Date your spouse, make use of the first date ideas and find new creative ways to plan your date. She will not only love you more for it, but also will look forward to more such dates, and may even plan a date with you herself, with something even more exciting!

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