Is Your Man Cheating On You? Look For These Signs!

Is Your Man Cheating On You? Look For These Signs!

Is your man cheating on you

Ever have that weird unshakable feeling that something is not right? Be careful! It might be your gut feeling kicking in. Woman’s intuition or instinct as what they call it is often strong and true especially in a relationship. Men are good in hiding things but sometimes when you start feeling “something is not right” in your relationship you should be aware that perhaps, “something” is not really right.

They say men are born polygamous and sometimes, for their own reasons a man can get attracted to pretty and younger women .Once this happens he may start cheating. When a man starts cheating, no matter how hard he hides it there are tell-tale signs that things are not going right. So before you turn on that nagged mate alarm and start tailing him like a dog you better read these few signs that could help you in checking whether your partner is cheating on you. Prevention is better than cure after all.

Unusual Gallantry

Do you feel he has become generous suddenly? Is he showering expensive gifts on you and do you find it as uncharacteristic? Now, this is a sure sign that he is hiding something from you. Usually a man buys expensive gifts for his partner to cover his guilt because he is cheating on her. So when a sudden bouquet of tulips starts to appear on your desk everyday and he starts showering you with lavish gifts get observant but don’t be too paranoid.

Symptoms of PMS

Usually PMS is for women; if your partner starts to show unbelievable mood swings it might be a sign that something is going on. Men cover their tracks in two ways; being overly nice or annoyingly rude .Your radar will warn you either way. If you ask an innocuous question and he suddenly gets defensive he might be covering something. Being mean is usually a man’s way of trying to overpower a woman so that she will not try to question him; sometimes it’s also their way of totally quelling you hoping you’ll eventually dump him so that he could avoid confrontation and be free at the same time.

A sudden restricted access and behavioral change

When his laptop suddenly gets a password you cannot crack and he makes a thousand excuses so that you would not borrow it, he might be hiding something from you If you used to have a free access from his files earlier and now it is being prohibited it is suggestive of his being secretive. If he turns off his cell phone when it rings unlike what he did before then these are signs of guilt. If he suddenly seeks to answer his phone call in private it could also be a bad sign.

You sense change in his inclination for sex

If you used to have an active sex life and now he has started skipping bedroom duties making excuses about being tired it could be a sign that he is having someone on the wing. Has he started using expensive perfumes instead of his usual cologne? Has he suddenly become critical of his appearance? Is he picking a fight when you point out that something has changed? These might be clues.

Very often, when a man starts to have an affair his behavior will definitely change. No matter how good he is in “balancing” the two relationships there will always be something that would trigger his defense. It is not very easy keeping both the relationships blind to the truth and so his control will crack specially during unexpected moments. So if you feel that something is not right about your relationship you better start thinking about steps to take him back on track and eventually save your relationship.

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