The Art Of Kissing Your Woman

The Art Of Kissing Your Woman

When you are out with your women on a date, you will obviously be kissing her quite often. Being a man, you should know how to do so. Some women tend to judge their man’s kissing abilities. A true fact is that most guys do not know how to kiss a woman properly, or even how to approach them for a kiss. The most romantic type of kiss out there is the French kiss. You surely must have heard about or have seen it. This is one type of kissing scenario that is seen in all the movies today. You should know exactly how to approach your women for that kiss, and how to continue it. A good tip is; never go in her mouth with your tongue. Kissing should be passionate and start of light on the lips. Before you even think about kissing your lady, you have to get some things out of the way.

If you often experience dry lips, fix it! A good lip balm should be in your pocket at all times as it can help you. Just keep your lips moist. A kiss will not be so great if there is no moisture. If you have too much moisture, you have to adjust that as well. If you tend to have too much moisture in your mouth, you have to get some help. The right amount is the right amount, you will know it. It’s just enough to keep your mouth moist, but not too dry. Once your lips meet, the moisture will spread; so there is nothing to worry about.

Never start your kiss with your tongue in her mouth. No one likes it and just don’t do it. Start off your kiss with gentle lip touches and progress from there. Once you feel your partner is moving their tongue in, you can do so as well. A French kiss is known to incorporate the tongue, but not at the first time. Many guys often have trouble kissing women because they worry about it too much, often asking themselves “is she okay with my kiss?” If you are constantly worrying about it, you will always do so. Just act normal and let it go by itself. You can use your partner a as guide if you are not sure about what you are doing.

There are two main types of French kissing. One is called light French kissing and the other is deep French kissing. Light French kissing (LFK) is done without any tongue action, It is solely the lips that do all the touching. Deep French kissing (DFK) will always make use of the tongue, and it is more of an erotic open kiss. Usually kissing starts will start with LFK and move on into DFK. Lastly, if your partner is having trouble approaching you for a kiss, you should guide them and let them know how it’s done. This builds a sense of trust and experience in her for you.

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