Date Night: Keeping The Romance Alive

Date Night: Keeping The Romance Alive

Keeping the romance alive

Five years down the line in a relationship you may be closer to your partner than ever. It’s likely that you’ve been through ups and downs, trials and tribulations, good times and sad times. You probably eat dinner together most nights, share the chores, and care for each other when you are sick. You might even sit down in front of the TV together, walk the dog together or go out shopping. Are any of these things romantic though? You might feel connected to your partner in a way that you can depend on them, and can cooperate in living together, have a functional and productive routine…. but is the spark still there that brought you together in those first few months of knowing each other? And if it’s not, how can you get this feeling back?

Date night is a great way to bring back excitement and romance to your relationship. Couples who make time specifically to spend alone together doing something romantic at least once a month are generally happier and more balanced in their relationships. Not only is the date something to look forward to in the month or fortnight, it’s also the chance to impress or woo your partner all over again. Particularly for women, the opportunity to dress up can help feelings of attractiveness creep back in.

The point of date night isn’t just about spending a couple of hours alone together; it’s taking time to do something together that is a break from the old routine. Perhaps trying a new restaurant, going to the theatre or sharing a new experience together would be the ideal refresher. It should be an exciting, interesting and enjoyable activity that gives you the chance to bond and have something to remember afterwards. If finances are strained and dictate where you can visit, signing up to a daily deals site such as Kelkoo Select can allow you the opportunity to purchase some luxury experiences at a budget price that would normally only be reserved for a special time like an anniversary or Valentine’s Day.

One couple told us about their date night and what it means to them.

“I really look forward to our date night. I start to get excited and almost a little nervous about it while I’m at work, wondering what I’m going to wear and where he might take me. It’s just like going on a second date except you have more to talk about!”

“Taking Laura out for the evening makes me feel great, I love it when she dresses up for dinner and I like spoiling her. It makes me feel like a gentleman and that’s what she deserves, but I don’t always have the chance to show it”

So if you feel like things are dragging along between your partner, or that there’s some excitement missing in your relationship, why not introduce date night and see where the idea takes you? You could just fall in love all over again….

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