Organising A Hen Party

Organising A Hen Party

A Hen Party is considered a woman’s last big night out as a single woman before she ties the knot. It is time to have fun! Yet, planning the big girls’ night often involves all the stress and anxiety of planning any big party. You have to take into account the ladies you are going to invite and what will make everyone have a good time. And of course, you have to consider what the bride-to-be will enjoy. But relax. If you have been put in charge of organising the big event, it is because the bride trusts your judgement.

Although the phrase “hen party” often brings to mind drunken ladies, male strippers and a few events the bride or her guests would prefer not to discuss after the fact, the hen party doesn’t have to be crazy. It can be a lovely brunch or afternoon at a day spa. You can also do a combination and start the party at a day spa or salon and then go out dancing or to a nice lounge.

There are many fun ways to create an event that the bride-to-be and all here friends will love. You should consult a company like Redseven with experience in planning hen parties. Such companies offer inspiring ideas such as making chocolate with the help of an expert chocolatier and a sexy male butler.

Hen Nights almost always include going out to a bar, lounge or club of some sort. To make your outing extra fun, there are many hen party games your group can play. Drinking games can be played before you all go out or at the bar. They are a good way to loosen everyone up. “Rate the man” can be played in a public place. It is a game in which all the ladies in your group have cards from 1-10. Every time a man walks in or walks by, each lady rates the man. If your party involves a male model or stripper, “plant the kiss on the model” is a fun game similar to “pin the tail on the donkey” but instead of a donkey, there is a male model. All the ladies wear bright lipstick and blindfolds. The lipstick marks indicate where each kiss landed.

A hen party is the bride-to-be’s last chance to enjoy all the freedom of being single. Enjoy!

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