5 Dates To Avoid This Winter

5 Dates To Avoid This Winter

Meeting someone new during the winter season can be quite difficult. Cold weather tends to keep vendors, event organisers and the general public indoors, meaning that dates are restricted to restaurants, cinemas and other relatively unimaginative domains. But this might be for the best – there’s nothing worse than a disastrous date in the freezing cold where time moves a mile a minute. So, here are five dates it really would be best to avoid this season for both of your sakes.

1) Work Christmas Dos

It’s sometimes an option to bring a plus one to office Christmas parties. These events are often excruciating enough as it is, but bringing a relatively new love interest in to the equation could make everything worse. There are bound to be awkward questions from the assembled crowd, such as ‘how long have you two been together?’ or even worse ‘is this your boyfriend/girlfriend?’ Such questions can be impossible to answer, especially when the relationship is relatively fresh. The way you respond could even dictate whether your date is willing to meet up again. Plus, you don’t want the office to be gossiping about the match and pressuring you to tell all.

2) Shopping Trips

Let’s be honest, we’re far too close to Christmas to consider shopping as an option for an enjoyable date. Shopping areas all over the country will be absolutely heaving, whether you’re in Manchester dating or in London dating. It would be too loud to chat and you’d be buffeted if you stood still for longer than three minutes. That’s if you could actually find seats in any café or restaurant in the surrounding area. Also, you’d probably get no shopping done while battling against the crowd.

3) Themed Tours

Themed tours are a new craze, especially in big cities. Plenty have been launched to fit the colder season, including ghost tours for Halloween. However, there really couldn’t be a worse idea for a date. Firstly, it will be cold no matter how many layers you wear. This will only make you anti-social and fill you with a strong desire to be back at home. Also, with the tour guide talking, there won’t be much room for the two of you to talk.

4) Festive Family Parties

Springing your family on your date is a bad idea at any time of year, but at Christmas it could be even more risky. As Christmas is a time for family, they might be a bit on edge if you turn up at a party with a date in tow. Your date might also raise a few eyebrows – not the best place for a romantic date, especially if you’re still close to the beginning of the relationship.

5) Pantomimes

Pantomimes can seem like a lot of fun over Christmas, but the family atmosphere makes them one of the worst ideas for a date. Screaming children, cringe-worthy stage antics and a hoard of bored parents make the night utterly inappropriate for romance.

Whether you’ve met through dating sites or through friends, it would be best to avoid these places this winter. Otherwise, you may risk putting your love life in serious jeopardy.

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