Making Her Ready For A Female Orgasm

Making Her Ready For A Female Orgasm

You want nothing more than to see your wife writhe in agony and call your name in joy, right? The problem is that you do not know exactly how consistent they are on this point. Well, let me give you several tips to make her want you inside her and once you reach this point, you are all set to go.

1. Touch her hand and wrist. It certainly seems less sexual to most men to touch a woman’s hands in foreplay, but they are actually her body’s most sensitive parts. Just stroking her palm or the inside of her wrist will send shivers along her spine. Try rubbing the hands of her inner wrist all the way up her forearm. Not only will she melt, but you will put her senses on high alert, making her ready for more.

2. Whisper into her ear. Her ears are not only perfect for listening to you talk about your day at work, they are actually a very sensual part of her body. Plus, they will directly connect you with the most sexual organ in her body: her brain. Lean close to her and whisper in her ear. The gentle rush of warm air in her ear sends tingles down their spine. And if you are saying some naughty words about what you want to do to other parts of her body, you will probably get quite some excitement from her.

3. Give her neck some attention. While you whispering in her ear, your hands can work their magic on her neck. For some reason, the base of the neck, where it connects to the shoulders and upper back is full of nerve endings. They will send shots of joy rushing throughout her entire body with the attention provided by your fingers, so do not disappoint her. Gently stroke her lower neck with your fingers and, if you are not whispering in her ear, you can compensate for it with soft kisses and maybe even a little lick.

4. Stroke her hair. You can love how her hair smells after a shampoo or the way it feels draped over your chest after a round of passionate sex, but you fail to show her the attention she wishes that you would. A woman’s scalp is super-sensitive and each strand of her hair is connected to it. Imagine what that means when you start stimulating these thousands of strands and all at once! Remember that women are not only playing with their hair to look cute and flirtatious, they do it because it feels amazing for them. Simply start running your hands through her hair, and she will begin to melt. Some women even go crazy if their partner brush her hair for her.

5. Massage her back. No woman can ever resist a sensual massage and there is a good reason for this. A woman’s back is filled with nerve endings and just waiting for the right stimulation. Of course, every woman is different in terms of where the hot spots are. Some prefer the area just below the shoulder blades, others get weak with a few strokes on her lower back. Part of the fun is to discover all the best places for your fingers, hands, tongue and lips to enjoy her body. If you really want to experiment, take a feather and light stroke her back with it. The moaning that you hear now is only a prelude to what you will be getting when you are in bed together.

6. Touch her lips. You would probably be surprised to discover how many tiny nerves can be found in those soft, sweet lips that have kissed that you and you probably have hours of fun with it in other ways. Now you can pay back the favour by providing much-needed attention. Kiss her. Start with very soft kisses, then gradually more intense and passionate. If you want to start more slowly, run the tip of your finger over her lips to give her goose bumps all over her body.

7. Ignore her breasts for a while. Men love breasts and women love men to love their breasts. But they love you loving rest of them first. If you really want to bring your woman to a rush of frenzy, work on stimulating all of her body without removing any of her clothes. When she is already very excited and you can definitely tell, start stroking, kissing, licking her breasts and nipples. Your devotion to the rest of her beautiful body is nothing to lose.

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