Romancing With Chocolates

Romancing With Chocolates

Chocolate is one of my favourite desserts, especially Belgian chocolate. There are three commercial houses being Leonidas, Neuhaus and Godiva. Leonidas is the most affordable, I have tasted it and I like it. However, Neuhaus and Godiva are supposedly a league above Leonidas, but so is the price being a league above. Neuhaus is recommended for people who like quite a fruity flavour. Godiva has less of a fruity mix, and the chocolate has just the perfect mixture of chocolate taste. Whereas masturbation-induced orgasm or lousy sex last for less than 5 to 10 minutes, the pleasure from indulging in Belgian chocolate can be more than 5-10 minutes, and yes I would rather forsake lousy 5-10 minutes sex and 5 minutes masturbation for Godiva chocolate. Be forewarned, however, 250 grams of Godiva chocolate is very expensive!

So how does one make full use of expensive chocolates? This requires a loving (or lustful) couple, of course! And perfect for Valentine’s Day! First place the chocolate nuggets at the appropriate body parts (preferably without the clothes, and use your imagination). How do you want to pick up the chocolate nugget is in the realm of your fantasy. I personally think the mouth and the tongue are underused organs or limbs. A little bit of whipped cream along the “treasure trail” might help as well, usually whipped cream isn’t expensive and you can get a bottle of spray-on whipped cream for a  cheap price.

For those who are more health-conscious, a few strawberries on top of whipped cream is a possible alternative. One can play with and move the whipped cream around by blowing gently and lovingly. Good sex with chocolate is heavenly. Do remember that chocolates are full of antioxidants that slows aging. You will enjoy it and it is not painful like a botox injection.

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