How To Master The Art Of Flirting?

How To Master The Art Of Flirting?

There are many ways where you can flatter the woman and master the art of flirting with her but the first thing you should always do is to take a good look at yourself in the mirror. Personal cleanliness do play an important role in attracting her and therefore special attention is needed to make yourself attractive and strengthen your self-confidence to make yourself be noticed. If you are thinking that flirting is all about using those pick up lines than think again.  Women generally find  this annoying as they feel such people are just seeking attention or trying to take advantage of them. Do make sure to smile or laugh when she looks your way.  Don’t act childish and don’t indulge in silly pranks, you will not win her heart that way.

If you have an opportunity to crack a joke, do it. If not, just make a meaningful conversation with her. It is better to sit back and be relaxed, or just be a good listener. Everyone likes people who can talk and keep the atmosphere lively. You should have some handy topics which you can always use to start a conversation and carry it forward from there. Men with such personality are very hard to be ignored by women.

Look into her eyes, but avoid staring at her chest. Flirt with your body. Body language flirting as stroking your hair, lip licking and tends towards the person will surely captivate their attention. On the other hand, look for their subtle (or perhaps not so subtle) movements. Folded arms and a tense body sends a wrong message to her, so do not do it. Some women have no objections to being touched, but there are others who are horrified by the idea. If you want to test her personal space, move a little closer every time. Then again a little, and make public her reactions. If she does not slap you, then you are on a roll! Touching is a nice flirt response only if they welcomed it. Ask for their number only if you really want to call them later.

These suggestions are not conclusive, but they will certainly help to put you on the right track!

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