How To Kiss A Woman

How To Kiss A Woman


Ever wonder how do you kiss a woman in the right way? Some men may have experienced from their various dating that in the second or third date, they would kiss the girl but will be unsure if they are really doing a good job in doing it. This is of course a great question in which there is a little secret that will be shared in this post.

That secret is ANTICIPATION.

Anticipation is such an important concept when it comes to “getting physical” with a woman. It is in fact important to incorporate it into every part of your interactions with a woman. Now, if you really don’t know how to kiss a woman, there is this recommendation:


Here’s how to mix this strategy with ANTICIPATION.

Let’s say that you decide it’s time to kiss her. You use the “Kiss Test”, and she’s enjoying it… so you lean over to kiss her. Just as you start to kiss her, when you first feel your lips touching hers, stop right there. Brush your lips back and forth on hers a little bit, then pull away without actually kissing her. Then smile at her.

You’ll probably be sitting there thinking “Why the hell didn’t I just kiss her?”

She’ll probably be sitting there tingling all over, and feeling like she wants to jump on you.

Next, lean back. Talk a little more. A few minutes later, touch her hair again. Then lean over to kiss her again. This time, go very slowly. Gently press your lips against hers. Hold them there for a moment, and feel how she responds. If she kisses you the same way, then just stop, lean back, and relax again for a few minutes. The next time you kiss her, open your mouth just a little bit, and see if she does the same. Do this a couple of times.

At some point, she will probably start “escalating” the kisses, because the anticipation is just too much for her. At this point, stop her. Push her away, and smile.

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