Are You Making Mistakes In Bed?

Are You Making Mistakes In Bed?


Every man thinks that he is funny, dresses well and performs well in bed. However this is not always the truth as once you find yourself in an intimate setting with a beautiful woman, you can make or break what happens next simply by practicing the art of erotic lovemaking and perpetual pleasure of your woman. While becoming a great lover may take a bit of practice with your wife, especially if you have got an adventurous woman in your life, you can avoid making very simple, juvenile and rudimentary mistakes to make your wife one happy woman.

Let us now take a look at a few common ones.

1. Slow down: Lust and passion are a great thing and a huge turn on, but sometimes your woman simply wants you to take the scenic route to get to the destination. Do not rush through the night and you will not regret it.

2. Be Attentive: Don’t gloss over her erogenous zones. Pay attention to what turns her on, listen, observe and obey. Nothing is a huge turn off than a guy who simply does not notice what is working…and what isn’t.

3. Communication: Being able to share your thoughts, passions, and erotic fantasies with your lover is a very powerful aphrodisiac. If you are not able to say anything that adds to the romantic ambiance, you can at least master the art of subtle, non verbal communication. Being a bump on the log in the bedroom when it comes to sharing communication cues is a big no, no…especially if you are in a relationship longer than a week or two.

And of course there is much more but by simply not making the short sighted, seduction mistakes outlined above, you will certainly be on your way to becoming a better lover for your life-partner easily…I guarantee it!

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