How To Tie Your Lover

How To Tie Your Lover

Spending time away from a loved one can be stressful and difficult for the entire family, but many jobs require travel and that means each person will have to adapt to the demands of his new position. You will be a critical success factor in this transition and your attitude and actions can easily make or break this opportunity for your family. Separation can make the heart grow fonder and make you both better appreciate the time you do spend together. Sometimes quality is the only alternative to quantity.

Time and space does not have to be about loss and letting him know that you are home “pining” away until he returns. Spend your time learning how to send cute messages and attach it to an email to him, coming up with EMERGENCY ONLY silly games he can play while being rerouted for the third time on his trip home, and anticipating each homecoming with romance and love.

Traveling can be exciting and suck the life out you at the same time. Make sure you don’t dump a world of problems on him when he comes through the door. Greet him with a smile, a hug and most definitely a kiss…the same goes for those women who work out of a suitcase. Make him a nice dinner and let him unwind before you unload. Life is not always romantic, but you can lessen the bad stuff by allowing everyone to be in the right mood and frame of mind to deal with any “issues”.

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