How Love Is Defined

How Love Is Defined

The four letter word is the most widely used and I might also say abused in the world today. It flows so effortlessly through the lips of men and women. It is thrown so carelessly even where it is not necessary. Sometimes it makes me think there is no definite definition of this word. It depends on the context in which the word has been used. The definition of love is at a persons discretion. But what is love? It is subject to debate because there are many types of love. It depends with the perspective from which you are looking at it. I hope you are also not forgetting the so called love that is said to bring a man and a woman together.

When a man sees a woman for the first time, and he is attracted to that woman it is said it is love at first sight. But the better phrase to use would be it was lust at first sight. This is the most correct assessment especially of such a scenario. The male species in a human being is still an animal and is always looking for potential females to mate with. It is sex that attracts a man to woman but not love. what is love? Love means something different to man. To him having sex with a woman is paramount and it does not mean that he loves that woman. This is the reason why a man is genetically polygamous. There is nothing like love, it is the power of the loin that is attractive. How else does a man manage to have several wives and lovers hanging at the fringes?

Love is an illusion, it is a creation of the mind. What makes us believe there is love is simply because we do not want to change the status quo. It is a tradition passed from generation to generation and who are we to break these tradition? We were brought up believing in the concept of love. We grew up in a society where the word love was being thrown right, left and center with so much abandon. It is entrenched in our minds that yes, there is love. But have you ever sat down and pondered about is? Have you ever asked yourself what is love? And do you believe in it? Do not start biting your finger nails or scratching your head over the issue, it might go bald it it is not already bald.

The so called love that is so much hyped up is only a temporarily infatuation. People keep on falling in and out of “love”. People fall out because infatuation is a temporary feeling and once it is worn out everything is over between the two of you. It must be understood that no love was involved. There is a very big misconception of the true meaning of love. Love is used as an escape goat so that people can indulge in their fantasies. What is love? Love is kindness stretched over a long period of time. It is the best way to put it.

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