Celebrating Success With Your Loved One

Celebrating Success With Your Loved One

When you find a way to appreciate yourself for what you’ve already accomplished and celebrate your previous successes, you will find you are naturally motivated to accomplish more. No struggle, no hassle as you accomplish your goals out of the energy and self-confidence created by past success.

To become proficient in appreciation of yourself and each other, try the following suggestions.

Make a note: Write positive comments on your daily calendar to yourself for jobs well done or any achievements you want to celebrate. And, you write congratulatory notes to each other as you accomplish goals. Frequent positive complements are a very effective way to reward yourself and remind each other of even small successes.

Look to your childhood: Use activities that felt like a celebration in your childhood: did your family toast a celebration with champagne or sparkling cider, a gathering of friends, or a thankful prayer? Create a celebration environment: use balloons, music, flowers, candles, or set your dinner table with the best china.

Visible reminders: Surround yourself with visible evidence of your successes. Plant a commemorative rosebush or get a new houseplant to mark a job well done, or display photos of fun events, and sports or hobby trophies. It’s a constant reminder that you appreciate each other and when you see them daily, you’ll feel the appreciation.

Reward each other: Little surprises, a single flower, or a loving phone call can be a great reward or celebration when something good happens.

Party: Turn any free moments you have together into a party. Have an impromptu lunchtime picnic, breakfast in bed, or dinner out with friends, and toast your success.

For example: While I’ve been writing this book, my best friend supports me — I call her up and tell her how much I’ve written, and, accountant by profession, she totes up the percentage done and percentage to go! It’s a lot of fun, and gives me a quick boost and a brief break in the middle of writing.

So what are you celebrating?

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